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Vinyl Decks

Finally, a product everyone has been waiting for! Vinyl maintenance-free decking is a great alternative to wood and composite decks. It carries a lifetime warranty not to ever chip, peel, crack, or fade. You do not need to buy anymore deck treatments and stains. No more waterproofing and replacing planks that have rotted away. We guarantee you will never regret choosing vinyl over any other material for your new deck. If you do a lot of entertainment on your deck, you do not have to worry about stains or scratches – vinyl decking is practically indestructible, it does not absorb stains, does not collect water and the most maintenance you ever have to do is simply hose it off a couple of times a year. Contact us to arrange a free in-home estimate! We guarantee your complete satisfaction!

Look at the top view of the deck we built (left photo) and bottom view of the deck support (right photo). Notice that not only the deck planks are vinyl but all of the structural support, all beams, joists, and supporting knee braces are vinyl as well. We truly are the unmatched decking experts with our precise craftsmanship and structurally sound design. We will take care of your project from start to finish!

Vinyl decking can be used anywhere wood or composite decking is used. It’s unique mounting system shows no nails or screws on deck’s surface (click here for a close-up). It has non-slippery easy to clean surface that needs no upkeep. We can build ground level decks, raised decks, balcony decks, and use vinyl decking for stairs. If you need just the top decking material replaced, we can use existing joist support for your new vinyl deck. If the support is in need of replacement as well, we can reframe it with wood or vinyl.

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