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Exceptional, Ethical, Reliable and competitively priced.

I could not begin to express how incredibly impressed I am with Southland Vinyl.  This family-owned business is beyond exceptional and is unlike any other Company (big or small) that I have ever worked with.

They replaced a wood balcony railing with Vinyl railing and did the most amazing job.  Their prices are highly competitive and they stand by their work.  In my case they actually did additional work pro bono to ensure the entire project was completed timely and to the highest degree.

I have worked with many construction companies and unfortunately have had many poor experiences.  Often they are unreliable and lack integrity.  One contractor had a tantrum and screamed when I asked for an itemization of costs???  One doubled the cost after starting the project leaving with my deposit when I refused to pay double the quote for the same level of work.

Hector at Southland Vinyl went above and beyond more than once.  He called clients for referrals to assist me on work his company did not do.  He reached out to other contractors and helped me find a great person to do the other work left unfinished by the other contractor who left when I resisted his “bait and switch”.

Southland Vinyl is the best, more ethical, exceptional Company in the Southbay.  Don’t even bother doing a comparison.

Hector is a “diamond in the rough”.  I have and will never give a higher referral.

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