Vinyl Fences

Picket Fence

Framing your property with a beautiful picket fence is like framing a painting - it is the last touch to a masterpiece. However, because of constant maintenance expenses associated with a classic picket fence (termites, dry rot, sanding and painting, sagging and braking gates) getting a picket fence meant starting a never-ending maintenance project. Vinyl fencing has made it possible to enjoy the beauty of picket fence without the headache of upkeep. It comes with a lifetime warranty not to ever chip, peel, fade, crack, or yellow! We have installed thousands of vinyl fences in the Los Angeles and South Bay areas.

Privacy Fence

Unmatched advantages of vinyl should make your final choice easy! Whether you are looking for total privacy in your back yard, or semi-privacy around your property, we are sure to have many styles available to suit your needs. Our classic privacy is uniquely designed with tongue-and-groove planks that do not leave any gaps in your fence. You can top it with starburst, lattice, pickets etc. Any style that is available in any other material can be duplicated in vinyl at no additional cost! We can install your vinyl fence on any surface: in-ground, on a slab, brick, or on top of a block wall. Your vinyl fence is guaranteed to be straight and sturdy and to look as good as when you first got it for as long as you own your home! We have installed thousands of vinyl fences in the Los Angeles and South Bay areas


Besides classic colors, such as white, tan and grey, we also offer "stained" colors that are practically impossible to distinquish from wood: khaki, cedarcrest, greystone, and stained cedarcrest.

Wall Extension

Installation of vinyl block wall extensions is very unique - it does not require any unsightly post brackets or visible hardware. All post support is internal and completely invisible. Installation is warranted for a lifetime as well as materials. There are over 20 styles and colors of block wall extensions. Give us a call to schedule your free in-home estimate!


Any block wall topped with a vinyl fence extension, instanly looks more attractive. This is one part of your yard that you never have to worry about maintaining. If your greenery grows over the lattice wall extension, you never have to worry about cutting it dowm to have to paint it - it will always look fresh and brand new for years to come, while providing you with more privacy in your back yard.