Vinyl Raillings

Vinyl Railings

Vinyl railing is another great maintenance-free idea for your home. Whether it is a porch railing, stairs, or balcony - installing vinyl railings will eliminate your need to paint every few years and solve your termite and dry rot problem. Our vinyl railings could be installed anywhere a wood or wrought iron railing was originally. Top and bottom rails have aluminum inserts in them for strength and stability. Our posts are anchored with internal steel support towers or internal anchor brackets. We have about 30 different styles of vinyl railings, from simple & elegant straight railings, to turned wood baluster look and wrought iron look. You can dress up your railing with a top decorative rail, base moldings and molding brackets


we have over 30 designes, including:

  • straight picket (1x2, 1x3, octagon, square)
  • chippendale style
  • turned wood balister
  • alternating picket
  • sunburst design

Besides being available in any imaginable style (over 30 standard styles), vinyl railing is available in colors shown below. Basic color is white. Blue/grey and tan cost 15% more. White, blue/grey and tan are readily available, darker colors are available for special order only and select styles only. Cranberry and green are only available for decorative top rail.


Glass Railings


Many of us in Southern California enjoy divine views and ocean breeze from our balconies. However, the salty breeze that we like so much can destroy the wooden balconies in just a few years. Even the highest grade wood balcony needs sanding, scraping, painting and repair at least once a year. May we suggest replacing it with lifetime warranted vinyl - and the most you'll ever have to do is hose it off once a year!


Not only can we replace your old balconies with vinyl, we can also build brand new balconies and upper level balcony decks. Below you can see a balcony framed with vinyl covered wood. Not only is it aesthetically pleasant, it is also warranted to look absolutely brand new - top and bottom - for a lifetime. It will never need painting or replacement. Contact us to arrange your free in-home estimate today to see what we can do for you!