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Why Vinyl?

Advantages of vinyl:

  • no termites or dry rot
  • no sanding, priming, painting
  • strong and straight for life
  • beautiful for life
  • many styles to choose from
  • comes in colors
  • looks good for life
  • withstands any weather
  • does not crack, chip, or peel
  • has no rusting hardware

Disadvantages of other products:

  • wood gets dry rot and termites
  • wood chipspeelscracks
  • block walls crack
  • wood, wrought iron and block walls all need yearly paint jobs
  • block walls are unattractive
  • looks good only for the first year
  • rain, sprinklers, sun, salty breeze ruins wood and wrought iron
  • nails, screws, bolts, and gate hardware rust
Even though the upfront cost of your project is slightly higher than wood or ornamental iron, there is no spending on maintenance for lifetime. The most upkeep you’ll ever do is hose your vinyl with water. You’ll never have to replace your vinyl as it is built for a lifetime.
Extraordinary stains (graffiti) come off with simple green , 0000 steel wool and just a little bit of effort. Under normal circumstances, vinyl surface does not absorb dirt.
At the completion of your vinyl project you will receive a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer that can be transferred to the new owner in case you sell your house.
Your vinyl will never fade (unlike the vinyl patio chairs that every household has) or discolor as it has UV inhibitors to protect it from yellowing and deteriorating.
Eliminate the headache of upkeep forever! Choose vinyl for your next project and you’ll never regret it! Hundreds of satisfied customers will vouch for vinyl!
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